Luise Linnemann Rassmussen

Many thanks to DRC for the invitation to judge your team event German Cup 2024. In 2019, I had the pleasure of judging German Cup, and it was a great experience to judge so many teams and equipages – Germany’s best. I’m really looking forward to it! 

I live in North Jutland south of Aalborg and have Kennel Møgelholt together with my husband Kristian Olesen. We live in the countryside, love nature, hunting, and training. We currently have 9 dogs; they are divided with „yours and mine“. Every now and then we breed a litter of puppies under the kennel name Moegelholt. Right now, we have a couple of new lovely young dogs coming up and at the other end a couple of seniors who are now enjoying life as a hunting dog with a little more freedom. All our dogs are used for hunting and picking up when they are of age. I go hunting myself and love to bring my dogs. 

We participate in tests both at home and abroad. In recent years, I have competed a lot with Møgelholt’s Painted Black Twite, a homebred bitch who has given me all sorts of experiences. I have represented Denmark at IWT several times, have also had the pleasure of participating at Chatsworth/Capesthorne Hall, won a novice in England and not least several winning places at working test, mock trials and field trials.  

  I have been an active judge for almost 8 years, and have had the pleasure of judging in Germany, Hungary, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Austria, and Italy in addition to the Danish tests and field trials. A lot of good time goes into this and in addition to this I  member of the board of the Danish Retriever Club. 

See you soon😊 Looking forward to some good days at the German Cup 

Luise Linnemann Rasmussen