Herman Jeske

Herman Jeske (NL)

Hello, My name is Herman Jeske and we live in the south of Holland. We have had labradors for over 20 years and I got involved with gundogtraining , breeding “ van het Haesdal labradors “ and hunting by my labradors from the beginning.

I am competing with my dogs in Workingtests, Fieldtrials and I spend many days with them hunting and picking-up. Some of my dogs have become Fieldtrial winners and one was made up to Fieldtrial Champion: Sarover Tings Dalziel.

I am self-employed so my job allows me to spend adequate time with my gundogs but this is my hobby and I really enjoy it. I am an A panel Judge and judge in several countries in Europe Workingtest, Dummytrials and Fieldtrials I thank the organisation for inviting me and to jugdge the German Cup 2024 and wish all the competitors the best of luck !!!!